Ken Fisher`s Kolumnen...

Ken Fisher schreibt die legendäre "Portfolio Strategy"-Kolumne in Forbes seit über 30 Jahren und ist mittlerweile der längste Kolumnist in der Geschichte des Magazins. Seine Markteinschätzungen sprechen für sich.

Wir haben für Sie die Kolumnen der letzten Jahre zusammengestellt.

Forbes 2012


Put Them on Mute

This year, ignore political babble. You’ll be better off. Ignore debt debates, silly fake controversies and finger pointing over who is or isn’t the bigger fan of private enterprise ...


Best Summer Stocks And Books

I know it may seem passé in the age of iPads, eReaders and Kindles, but one of my passions is collecting books, especially investment classics. I didn’t know it at the time, but the first classic I read was ...


Buy Pets, Tractors And Three Tech Stocks

Most readers know that I am an ardent student of market history and a firm believer that it’s prone to repeating itself. So I’m often asked what the current era echoes ...


Seven Election Year Chinese Stocks

Last year was a dismal year for Chinese stocks. The popular FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index of blue chips fell nearly 18%. This year it has already gained 7.9%, and I think Chinese stocks will ...


Hit The Refresh Button

You may remember that in my February column last year I predicted that 2011 would “frustrate bulls and bears alike—without a big directional trend” and “end up or down just by a hair.” I was right, but ...